What Is a Va Fss Contract

Federal Schedules provides comprehensive support to businesses looking to sell products or services to the VA. We can help your business save time, money and resources by preparing your VA Schedule proposal and working with you throughout the review and negotiation process. Contact us today to discuss your company`s specific VA contract requirements. The General Services Administration`s (GSA) federal supply schedule (FSS) program was created to simplify the procurement process at the federal level. The GSA delegates the management of annexes covering medical products and services to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These contracts are Annex VA contracts – or Federal SUPPLY SCHEDULE CONTRACTS VA – but people often refer to them as Annex GSA contracts. If your company supplies medical or dental equipment and consumables, health care services or pharmaceuticals to the federal government, you should consider entering into a Veterans Affairs Canada (VA) schedule contract. There are 9 VA calendar contracts that companies can get based on the products or services they offer. Frontline Medical Services has a GSA/FSS contract (No.: V797D60740) which currently includes products from Ossur, Aspen and New Options Sports.

To purchase and purchase products from the federal procurement schedule goes from Frontline, please visit: GSA Advantage! Online shopping. Enter the contract number V797D60740 in the search box and select OK. Shop online, view a PDF catalog of Frontline`s Federal VA Procurement Calendar with product and price lists, or browse our VA FSS Aspen-specific catalog. Under the delegated authority of the GSA, VA FSS Service meets the health requirements of the VA, DoD, HHS, and other federal agencies by providing federal customers with access to more than one million state-of-the-art commercial products and services. To obtain a VA Schedule Contract, a company must submit a proposal and undergo a thorough review process that takes into account factors such as business sales practices, skills, finances, and past performance. If the proposal is accepted, the company will receive a VA Schedule Contract that includes pre-negotiated prices and terms. Federal agencies and VA hospitals can then purchase a company`s products and services directly through their VA calendar contract. .

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