What Happens If a Mormon Breaks the Law of Chastity

I looked for it but couldn`t find anything. This is a serious question and I do NOT want to get into trouble by asking this question. I know a member who is converted and has a great past of the Word of Wisdom and Chastity. She had a lot of “partners” and this year decided to leave it all behind and get fully involved? to enter the Church. She started temple preparation classes and walked through the temple about 2 months ago. She was in the temple twice, and the last time she left a few days later, she performed a certain sexual act on a man she knows, but says she regretted it herself and doesn`t need to discuss it with her bishop. I told her that what she had done had to be shared with her bishop. I moved some time ago to go to college at BYU, but in the last 6 months I haven`t quite been there when it comes to church. I stopped reading my scriptures, prayed, and sometimes skipped church.

I found it really difficult to maintain spiritual habits when I was traveling alone with so much freedom. I was basically inactive, but I hid it from everyone. So I started dating this guy who is not a member of the Church. Although nothing happened at first and he understood the fact that I was a member, things got out of hand. There were fierce hugs for a while, but I prevented myself from not wanting to have sex because I felt they had to be saved for marriage. But eventually, I gave in. My determination slowly wore out. I didn`t even really know it was happening. I tried several times to say no, but he begged me and put me under pressure, and now it has happened several times. However, I haven`t done much to stop it, and I feel really angry, ashamed and guilty.

I feel so lost and unworthy and too far away to ever return. I never wanted to do a mission, but lately the thought had come more to my mind, but now I don`t even know if it`s a possibility. I`m afraid to talk to my bishop because I don`t want to be expelled from BYU. I`m also afraid to talk to my parents because I had siblings struggling with the law of chastity, and I don`t want to be a burden to them anymore. I don`t know what to do, I feel completely unworthy and as if there is nothing I can do. I`m also afraid of what this means for my schooling and if I can even fulfill a mission now? I`m frustrated that when I finally have the desire to serve, I did, so I`m not worth leaving. Help? From what it sounds like, what happened between the two of you, lying on each of them, even though I am fully clothed, would not delay your departure for your mission. While I agree with your bishop that hanging on to each other is a situation that unmarried couples should avoid, it is not necessarily a sin. This type of physical contact can easily lead to inappropriate physical contact, and that is why Church leaders warn against it. But if you`re both dressed and haven`t tried to get sexually aroused, then I think everything will be fine. Avoid such situations in the future because it is dangerously close to a situation where serious sexual sin could occur.

the other day I was hanging out with a boy I was with, and we started kissing passionately. It never escalated into sex or anything under the clothes, but that interaction still led the boy I was with to ejaculate. He was visibly upset when he told me what had happened (I didn`t know he had been so arrogated until he told me) and explained that he had worked for the dignity of the temple and that it would prevent him from doing so. We both agreed that we had to stop seeing each other, at least for a while, but I still feel very bad because I put him in this situation and probably let things go too far. I wonder if I should talk to my bishop about what happened and if this exchange will influence my decision to start working on my mission documents soon and hopefully leave this summer? The prophet Alma wept because one of his sons had broken the law of chastity. Alma said to his son Corianton, “Do not know, my son, that all this is an abomination in the sight of the Lord; Yes, the most heinous of all sins, except that it is the shedding of innocent blood or the negation of the Holy Spirit? (Alma 39:5). Non-chastity is serious next to murder. Kimberly, I understand that this topic can sometimes seem unclear. I will try to write a more detailed article on this topic in the future, but let me say it for now.

The Church`s Gospel Topics page on chastity states, “In today`s world, Satan has led many people to believe that sexual intimacy is acceptable outside of marriage. But in God`s eyes, this is a grave sin. Although the violation of the law of chastity is considered a grave sin, the one who has violated the law of chastity can repent and receive God`s forgiveness. [2] [16] [15] I said “have a good life” because I find your view like a medal, invasive, tolerant, moralizing, and completely unjustified and unacceptable. .

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